Award Winning

Award Winning Director Andrew-Lee Potts started acting when he was just seven years old.  Having starred in such hits as Band Of Brothers and Primeval, Andrew has acted opposite some of industries’ biggest talents including the likes of Gary Oldman, Michael Fassbender, Kathy Bates, Carey Mulligan and Terrence Stamp.  At the age of twelve Andrew pleaded with his parents for a video camera in order to pursue his passion for filmmaking.  While the cameras may have changed his love for the medium has not.  Sighting American History X as the film that inspires him the most, Andrew is drawn to strong visuals and compelling concepts while longing to tell a gripping story with fascinating characters.  Andrew is the director and founder of Keychain Productions; setting it up as a way of uniting people of similar minds to come together to make a variety of shorts, music videos and TV shows.  Over the years Andrew has tackled a number of genres; from the vampires of Blood On Benefits, the comedy of IDANCE and the heartfelt drama of the Short Film Atwood Alley.  More recently Andrew has been working on a variety of music videos for some of the UK’s most up and coming artists as well as making it to the finals of The Virgins Media Shorts Awards & Sundance Shorts Awards with his film Little Larry & Won the The GRAND PRIX AWARD in The Reed Short Film Awards with Photo Finish. Andrew says he is addicted to filmmaking and is grateful there is no rehab!




Alex Moss is a self-confessed film fanatic (read; Geek) and has been involved in the film and television industries for the past 18 years.  He started as a production runner at the tender age of 16 working his way up to such lofty heights as 2nd Assistant Director and Associate Producer.  It was on one of these production adventures he met Keychain Founder Andrew-Lee Potts.  Quoting Bad Boys to him whilst stuck in traffic, the two became firm friends and have not looked back since.  Together they produced the making of Primeval Series 2; Through The Anomaly.   Having graduated Southampton University with a Degree in English & Film Studies, as well as a Diploma in Filmmaking from The New York Film Academy, Alex has been part of Keychain since its creation.  He’s been involved with all the Little Lilly films and wrote both Bubble Wrapped, Insight & Photo Finish.  He’s currently writing a number of screenplays as well as two TV pilots. When not starring blankly at Final Draft Alex is the Editor of film website  His role in Keychain is to be a calming influence over the creative tornadoes that are Andrew Lee and Tony.  He expects to go prematurely grey as a result of this role.